Too Cool for School


Flirtation Devices

Up until Sunday evening, when I revealed that I had a "crush", I have been quite careful never to reveal any personal details of my love life. That wall has crumbled.

But not in the way that you'd like.

I will not reveal his name, how I know him, or what he does for a living. Well...maybe not never, but not now. It's just wrong. But I can tell you this: You probably don't know him, and he lives in the same town as me.

The problem is that I don't get to be around him much and when I am around him, it's always small talk, "How are you?" and I always say, "Fine". I sometimes ask him about his...job...and he asks me about mine and I say, "Oh, it's good" in my sweetest voice.

Then he leaves to go back to (It's sort of an office.)

Get this--I actually asked some high school students for advice! They said I should flirt with him or he'll never know that I like him. But unfortunately I have a real issue with flirting, I guess because when you flirt you sacricfice some level of friendship and professionality with that person. And if they don't reciprocate, that person starts avoiding you and it's just uncomfortable and not even worth it. In the past, my flirting plan-of-action was as follows:

1) Say Hi and ask how the guy is doing.
2) Punch him in the arm
3) Wait for him to ask me out.

You MUST try this routine. It's created countless love connections at our school.

But how should I flirt but still show him that I respect him? My stance is that I'm not going to be the pursuer.

Truly, if Jesus comes back, he will explain this all to me. He will say, "Heather, you shouldn't worry about these things. I always avoided flirtation as well."

And this concludes,
"Everything you never wanted to know about Heather, volume 1"


Your Daddy Is Pedro Martinez

What You Call Him: Daddy Dearest

Why You Love Him: He knows best

Who's Your Daddy?


Things That Seem to Work

My absolute favorite time of the week is Sunday night when I can curl up on my couch and watch tv until 10, then gaze up at the ceiling and wonder what the next week is going to be. Here are some things that are working themselves out. It keeps me from focusing on the things that haven't yet.

--Though I detest grading papers, I found out that if I take them to Starbucks or Borders, it's actually kind of fun.

--Last time I saw Nathan Tillotson, he looked great, and he sang in the praise team last week. Hooray for Nathan's healing face!

--I get to go to my sister's for Christmas, and my brother Chris says he's going to "drop by" with his family. I haven't seen them in quite awhile and I'm ecstatic.

--THE Lindsey Diann Jackson is coming to see me on New Year's and we're going to sing Tiny Dancer!

--My first dance recital is on Saturday. I'll be tap dancing...which is fun...but weird-feeling because it employs only the lower 1/3 of your body.

--There is a little girl named Minnie at church who may get to be adopted by her aunt and uncle. This would be a very good thing for Minnie, because she comes from a difficult background.

--On Friday, I will have officially survived half of my first year of teaching. It's all (hopefully) downhill from here!

--Christ Journey has the smartest, most artistically talented kids in the Universe. They have only two weeks to learn the Christmas play, and they nailed it in one rehearsal.

Things that you could pray about:

--My nephew Cole might get a youth ministry internship for the summer.

--My nephew Kevin. That he'd know how much we love him.

--Everything having to do with my precious parents, especially finances.

--Margaret Cason, a family friend, has been hospitalized. She has cancer.

--Ashlie, my student from school that I mentioned before.

--That I'll have the patience to deal psycho-parents of my students.

--That if my school makes the budget cut and gets rid, that they can still have a great theatre program at our school.

--And I have a crush. Good...or bad?

That's all for tonight.

How are things in your world? That means LEAVE A COMMENT!


Prayer Request

For whoever reads this, please pass it on.

I have a student in one of my theatre classes whose mother has cancer. She's known this for awhile, but yesterday, the doctor gave her mother 2 months to live. My prayer is for the girl, whose name is Ashlie, her family, and everyone who knows and loves this woman. Also, please pray that her teachers and friends might have the wisdom to say and do what we should in this situation.

God bless,


What's Important?

I want you to know that I'm never doing all of the things that I'm supposed to be doing, or that I know I need to do. I may never organize my bookbag or balance my checkbook until it's absolutely necessary. I don't clean house until the dirt becomes visible to the naked, nearsighted eye. My play is still not written, my lesson plans are a couple of days behind. And I wonder why I write here. Is it right for me to write to an audience like this, when I have so many other things to do? Which is most important--that's what I find myself asking so much of the time because as a teacher, I can never do it all. I have to choose, so which choice is the right choice, barring that somebody in my life needs something, which would always be the right decision. I've always asked myself if I'm a Mary or a Martha.
Last night I had to go to Wal-Mart. (Why does anybody go to Wal-Mart? Honestly. Honestly!) It was chilly, about 7:00. I bought my single-girl-food and pushed my cart all the way to the back of the parking lot where my car was parked. Right next to my car were two empty grocery baskets, just sitting there. I always see these sad-faced teenagers pushing carts in the rain, sleet, and snow, and I knew that I had to take at least these two carts to the cart collection spot. This made three carts, because I had one of my own to take. Have you ever tried to push three grocery carts at once? It's really hard unless you have a running start. One of the carts always wiggles around and it's like the carts are magnetically attracted to parked SUV's. Of course, the nearest cart collection bin was nowhere near my car, so I just kept pushing the carts, trying to stay out of the way of traffic, trying to keep the carts from crashing into people and cars. I smiled at people who walked by and waved a lot to pretend that I wasn't at all bothered by the cold wind, the wiggly carts, or the distance to the cart bin. No one waved back. Finally, I got the carts put away and I walked the mile or so back to my car. Everywhere I looked, there were more grocery carts. It felt like I had done nothing. I had to console myself by saying, "Well, that's three fewer carts to pick up." But I knew that no one would know about it and maybe the person who has to pick up all those carts would get discouraged, thinking that no one cares about them. I wanted to go back into Wal-Mart and scream, "Hey guys! I put my cart back!...Merry Christmas!"
I don't know how this all ties together; maybe it doesn't. I'm just reminded of my dear teacher Donna Hester at ACU. She shared lots of lovely quotes in our educational theatre class. One of them was by Mother Teresa, "We cannot do great things, only small things with great love." If we can't do everything, let's at least do the things that count. The tough thing sometimes is deciding what is important and what isn't.

p.s. I had a lovely day at school.


The Truth about Sports

I have a confession to make. I don't like watching the NFL, the NHL, and the NBA. I hate movies with hot rods, stupid criminals, mafia lingo, and drug deals goin' down.

Folks, I'm all girl.

My Mom and my sister actually like to watch sports. For a while there, I was trying to make it appear that I loved sports because that's the right thing to do. I mean, I want my guy friends to think I'm down with the sports thing, but I usually zone out unless something really exciting happens. I was in marching band for eight years and the only thing I remember about all of those dozens of football games is that we got to eat nachos during the third quarter and sing, "Hey Baby" with the tuba section.

I only like to watch sports when I care about the team that's playing, and you know what? I only really want to watch the last five minutes of the game because it's then that you find out who's winning or losing. You can believe your team is winning for three whole quarters but if they can't keep it going the last quarter, it doesn't matter. They lose. Three whole hours of your life down the drain and they lose anyway. Take OU and Texas Tech for example. I was watching it with Kim, (Only the last five minutes, of course) and we SO had this game won. Then, because the clock wasn't out yet, Texas Tech has just enough time to move the ball and score. They kept getting first downs on bad calls, and they almost scored by throwing once but the guy stepped out of bounds. It was truly agonizing and then---then what? Tech wins. Hold the phone! I just invested all my energy and passion into the last and best five minutes of the game and my team loses! See this is why I watch movies and plays and read books! You're at least assured a happy ending, most of the time. If not, then there's Orlando Bloom, and he's the reason you decided to watch the movie anyway.

Really, the only person on earth that I find joy in watching sports with is my Daddy. He interacts with his television, yelling out statements like, "You stupid idiot!"; "You buncha bums!" and "He couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!". We love to say horrible things about the University of Texas. With my Daddy, no television is boring.

So now that you know the truth about me, don't invite me to come over and watch sports unless you don't mind someone who's going to talk the whole time until the last five minutes. I'm really glad I got that off my chest. If it means I'll never be one of the guys, well, so be it. At least you don't have to wonder whether or not to get me a subscription to Sports Illustrated for Christmas. Quotes