Too Cool for School


The New Blog

I have a new blog now. This one is dead. I will not post here anymore. So you have my permission to stop checking it, unless you just want to.

the new blog:

And, yes, it will have pictures of my feet on it as well.


Say your goodbyes....

Well guys, I guess all good things must come to an end. (I hope it's been good). It's something I've been considering for a long time, but just a minute ago, my blog kicked me off right in the middle of trying to post something. I'd written a ton of stuff already and now it's all gone! (ADD readers rejoice!)

So what I'm saying is, I'm getting a new blog. This one will still be here, a monument to my first year of teaching. It's good to clog cyberspace, isn't it? But this one kicks people off at random times, and I think it's somehow messed up. SOOOO.... Yeah.

Since I'm not going to very well call it, "Too Cool for School 2", what do you think I should name it? Nothing about randomness or ridiculousness, guys. That's a GIVEN.

I guess you can't really tell me what to name it, since the blog won't let anybody except Chris Chappotin leave comments. :(


Thoughts on Food, Test Scores

Ok, I admit my tagline, "Cook 'em, Sooners!" was a bit disgusting...and corny. After all, three of UT's fans are really nice: Rick, Bethany, and Brittany from my school. But you know me and puns. AND, if OU wins, I think that my Dad, Kim, and any other OU groupies should all go out and have a big steak. If OU does not win, I will go to Chick Fil A, and console myself by saying, "Oh well, at least we will beat OSU." My nephew Kurt, who's in grad school at OSU, would probably be mad if he read my blog, which he doesn't. I wonder how he's doing anyway? Did you guys know I had a nephew who's only one year younger than me? We used to compete to see who had the better standardized test scores. He surpassed me, getting a 32 (of 36 possible) on his ACT. Smarty pants. He'd probably be mad if he read that., but he doesn't read my blog.
You read my blog, though. I'll bet some of you are even UT fans and you read my blog. Isn't life funny, that way?

Today, I decided to eat lunch off campus. I felt a little uneasy at first, like a mother the first time she leaves her baby with a sitter. But when I walked outside, the smell of processed chicken fried steaks greeted was definitely the right choice. I don't know how you feel about cafeteria food, but I like to pretend there is no cafeteria at our school. That way, when I forget to bring my lunch, I don't have to consider eating at it. My last school had a pretty good cafeteria, but my new school's food reminds me my middle school in Oklahoma, home of, "You mix it, you eat it." In other words, if you mixed your food together to gross people out, you'd have to eat it in plain sight of a teacher. I am SO GLAD my school doesn't make me do food-mixing duty. I have better things to do than to skalk around the cafeteria making kids eat their nasty concoctions.


We can quite possibly perhaps win!

Beef: It's what's for dinner.


October 2nd: National Bad Music Day

Did you know that today was National Bad Music Day? Me neither, but it is, according to my roommate. Kim and I went to get lunch and some groceries, and every song on the radio was dismally bad. I'm not talking about songs from last year that were overplayed. No, these are the kinds of cds that haven't seen the light of day since they dropped off the charts in 1993. Even in the office of our apartment complex, the weak tunes just kept on rollin'. I'd name them, but I don't know their titles. That's how bad they are. It got so bad that we tuned into NPR and listened to an interview of the man holding the world record for longest fingernails. "The women found me disgusting!" he exclaimed. The man had to have a translator, and I thought it was an episode of Borat at first.

So, if you want to have a good day, just stick to your ipod. Or, if you dare, turn on the radio and hear Madonna croon, "Star light! Star bright! First star I see tonight!"

I leave you with a picture of Jacob's ladder, the new sculpture at ACU. I remember seeing models of it back when I was still there. Amazing in have to see it. Quotes