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October 2nd: National Bad Music Day

Did you know that today was National Bad Music Day? Me neither, but it is, according to my roommate. Kim and I went to get lunch and some groceries, and every song on the radio was dismally bad. I'm not talking about songs from last year that were overplayed. No, these are the kinds of cds that haven't seen the light of day since they dropped off the charts in 1993. Even in the office of our apartment complex, the weak tunes just kept on rollin'. I'd name them, but I don't know their titles. That's how bad they are. It got so bad that we tuned into NPR and listened to an interview of the man holding the world record for longest fingernails. "The women found me disgusting!" he exclaimed. The man had to have a translator, and I thought it was an episode of Borat at first.

So, if you want to have a good day, just stick to your ipod. Or, if you dare, turn on the radio and hear Madonna croon, "Star light! Star bright! First star I see tonight!"

I leave you with a picture of Jacob's ladder, the new sculpture at ACU. I remember seeing models of it back when I was still there. Amazing in have to see it.

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